About TDRO

TrackDay with Ryan Ogurek is a motoring blog focused around the adventures of Ryan Ogurek. Ryan will be thrusting himself deep into the world of track days, car and motoring clubs, racing and high-performance cars and bringing it all to you. Learn, laugh and enjoy – good times lie ahead!

Ryan Ogurek is an automotive journalist who found his passion for cars and racing at an early age. Ryan loved racing, but lacked the ability to get into racing as a child. Instead, he got a computer, a steering wheel, a set of pedals and the best home racing simulators on the market handed down from his father. He saw his life in two stages: waiting to be old enough to drive and driving. Once he began driving at 16, Ryan did everything he could to get a chance to push his cars to the limit – even if some of them weren’t worthy of it. Years later, Ryan found himself working with sim-racing mecca, RaceDepartment.com. He¬†wrote many notable articles on sim-racing and performance cars but found himself needing more real-world adventure.

Now comes that adventure, here on TDRO.

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